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Ningbo Rongke Maite NC Tool Co., Ltd is China indexable drills manufacturers and indexable drills factory. Our products include U drills, modular deep hole drills, spade drills and inserts, detachable head drills and so on which keep improving constantly. Our wholesale indexable drills have carried out quality management according to ISO9001. Quality is the basement of our factory, to ensure the stable using of the products for the customer is our mission. At present we have plenty of HAAS machining centers, five axis grinding centers and special inspecting instruments, etc. Company lead formalizing industry standards of modular indexable insert deep hole drill, we own six national invention patents and many utility patents, contribute our share to improving domestic cutting tools industry.

Industry knowledge

What are Indexable Drills?
Indexable drills are cutting tools used for drilling holes in metal or other materials. They have replaceable cutting edges that can be rotated or indexed when worn, allowing the tool to be used multiple times, making them more cost-effective and efficient than traditional solid drills. They use inserts made of materials such as carbide or ceramic that are brazed or clamped onto the tool body.
Advantages of Indexable Drills
Indexable drills offer several advantages, including:
1. Increased efficiency: With the ability to rotate or index the cutting edges, indexable drills allow for longer tool life and reduced downtime for tool changes.
2. Cost savings: Indexable drills can be more cost-effective over the long term, as the replaceable cutting edges are much less expensive to replace than buying a new drill each time the cutting edge wears down.
3. Improved precision: The cutting edges of indexable drills can be manufactured to very tight tolerances, which can result in improved hole accuracy and reduced machining time.
4. Versatility: Different inserts can be used for different materials and cutting conditions, making indexable drills more versatile than solid drills.
5. Improved surface finish: The replaceable cutting edges of indexable drills can result in a better surface finish on the drilled hole, which is important in certain applications such as those requiring high-quality finishes.
Application of Indexable Drills
Indexable drills are widely used in various industries, including:
1. Manufacturing: Indexable drills are commonly used in the production of metal and plastic parts, where they are used to create holes for fasteners, fixtures, and other components.
2. Aerospace: Indexable drills are used in the production of aircraft components, where high accuracy and surface finish are important factors.
3. Automotive: Indexable drills are used in the production of automotive parts, such as engines, transmissions, and suspension components.
4. Construction: Indexable drills are used in the fabrication of construction materials, such as steel beams, pipes, and other structural components.
5. Energy: Indexable drills are used in the production of oil and gas drilling equipment, wind turbine components, and other energy-related products.
6. Medical: Indexable drills are used in the production of medical devices and implants, where precise holes and high-quality finishes are critical.
Overall, indexable drills are used in a wide range of applications where high accuracy, long tool life, and cost savings are important factors.