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Ningbo Rongke Maite NC Tool Co., Ltd is China saber tooth drills suppliers and saber tooth drills company. Our products include U drills, modular deep hole drills, spade drills and inserts, detachable head drills and so on which keep improving constantly. Our custom saber tooth drills have carried out quality management according to ISO9001. Quality is the basement of our factory, to ensure the stable using of the products for the customer is our mission. At present we have plenty of HAAS machining centers, five axis grinding centers and special inspecting instruments, etc. Company lead formalizing industry standards of modular indexable insert deep hole drill, we own six national invention patents and many utility patents, contribute our share to improving domestic cutting tools industry.

Industry knowledge

Advantages of saber tooth drill
1. Durability: Sabre tooth drills have a high resistance to wear and tear, which increases their lifespan.
2. Versatility: They are designed to work on a wide range of materials, including hard and soft woods, metals, plastic, and masonry.
3. Speed: They have a high speed of rotation, which allows for faster and more efficient cutting.
4. Efficiency: Sabre tooth drills are designed with a unique tooth geometry that minimizes heat buildup and maximizes cutting speed, resulting in a more efficient cutting process.
5. Precision: The sharp teeth provide precise cuts and reduce the risk of cracking or splitting the material being drilled.
Characteristic of saber tooth drill
1. Teeth geometry: Sabre tooth drills have a unique tooth geometry that enhances their cutting efficiency and precision.
2. Material: They are typically made of high-speed steel or carbide for increased durability and resistance to wear and tear.
3. Shape: Sabre tooth drills are often circular or cylindrical in shape, which allows for easy handling and a wide range of applications.
4. Shank design: They typically have a straight or hexagonal shank design for a secure chuck grip.
5. Point angle: Sabre tooth drills have a specific point angle that optimizes cutting performance and minimizes heat buildup.
6. Cutting edge design: The cutting edge is designed with a series of teeth that provide a clean and precise cut.
Application of saber tooth drill
1. Woodworking: Sabre tooth drills are commonly used for drilling holes in hard and soft woods for tasks such as doweling, mortising, and joinery.
2. Metalworking: They are also used for drilling holes in metal materials, such as steel and aluminum, for tasks such as tapping threads or creating countersunk holes.
3. Plastic: Sabre tooth drills can be used to drill holes in plastic materials for tasks such as creating cable pathways or installing hardware.
4. Masonry: They can be used to drill holes in masonry materials, such as concrete and brick, for tasks such as anchoring fixtures or running conduits.
5. Automotive: Sabre tooth drills are used in the automotive industry for drilling holes in engine blocks and other metal components.
6. DIY: Sabre tooth drills are commonly used by DIY enthusiasts for a variety of projects around the home, such as hanging shelves or installing cabinets.