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What are the processing characteristics of U drills?

U drill is also called shallow hole drill, fast drill, violent drill, T drill, blade drill, etc. The standard name should be machine clamp drill or blade drill, U drill is Sandvik's name, because the first-class enterprise does Standard, most people follow this name, and there are other names, such as explosive drill, hurricane drill, etc., which refer to this kind of drill.
The most common blades used in U drills are the triangular WC series and the square SP series.
The WC series blades were launched very early. There are many manufacturers, large options, and low value. Relatively speaking, the blades have a good centering effect.
For SP series blades, four blades can be used. The bottom surface of the blind hole is relatively flat. However, the blade arrangement cannot be cut in a horizontal state, which will cause a greater impact on the blade and is easy to jump. Therefore, the blade is designed to be slightly inclined 3-5 degrees to cut in. Therefore, even if the blind hole made by the square SP blade, the bottom surface is slightly wavy.
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