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Why U-shaped drills are better than carbide tools

A U-Drill is a drilling tool with carbide inserts that can be easily and inexpensively replaced, a common U-Drill looks like this. Understanding the basics of hole making tools are those cutting tools used to drill holes in any workpiece such as wood, aluminum, brass, steel, cast iron, titanium, etc. There are not many types of drills on the market, but only a few are the most commonly used, because they are cheap and easy to use, and can be used on lathes and milling machines.
Why are U drills economical and cost-effective?
1. Cost accounting
Carbide drills are very expensive compared to HSS, it is 10 times of HSS, so indexable drills come out, it comes with cheap carbide inserts, square has 4 edges and triangle has 3 edges, inserts The cost is about 120 rupees to 120 rupees. 300.
2. Center Mark (Center Hole) is not required
Since the u-drill inserts directly into the workpiece, you don't need a center drill mark, which saves turret space on the lathe and extra time on both machines.
3. Drilling capacity
Each drill has a drilling capacity called LXD (Length by Diameter) LD2, LD3, LD4, LD5, LD6 If a 20mm LD4 drill can drill to 80mm, the same LD3 means the drill can drill to 60mm, so when You must keep your drilling range in the machine when you choose your drill.
4. Tolerance
Drills have +- tolerances, the bigger the LXD the bigger the tolerance, if you go for the LXD5 U drill the drill might be . Select requires LXD3.
5. Through coolant
U-shaped drills are internally cooled as the external coolant cannot penetrate deep, so it is better to choose a drill with only coolant holes as the coolant can reach the inside and avoid burning and help with better chip evacuation
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