We are a Deep Hole Drill Manufacturers. Let's introduce the classification of drill bits.

  Electric drills are widely used in our daily life, such as furniture installation, electrical maintenance, installation of pendants on walls, openings in metal, ceramic tiles, wooden boards, and screwing large and small screws. Drills are inseparable, and drills are divided into many types. Different drills are suitable for use in different scenarios. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the classification of drills, as well as the purpose and usage scenarios of each drill. Let’s share the drills with you below. Introduction to the classification and scope of application.

  There are six main types of drill bits that we may often use: twist metal drill bits, masonry wall drill bits, woodworking drill bits, tile drill bits, glass drill bits, and screwdriver bits. Of course, each drill bit is divided into many models according to different diameters.

  Twist Metal Bits

  Features: The head is normally 135 degrees, and the drill is sharp

  Scope of application: Mainly used for various metals, plastic boxes and various woods with high hardness, suitable for low-speed drills (mainly hand drills).

  masonry wall drill bit

  Features: flat head, very blunt drill flower

  Scope of application: It is mainly used in scenes with high hardness and rough precision such as concrete, wall tiles, and ordinary tiles. It is suitable for many impact drills and hammer drills.

  tile drill

  Features: pointed, four-cut corner design

  Scope of application: Mainly used for drilling ordinary tiles, suitable for low-speed drills (mainly hand drills).

  glass drill

  Features: Frosted head, drill body through hole

  Scope of application: It is mainly used in ordinary glass, all-ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, ordinary stone and other scenes. It needs to be used with water (cooling) during use.

  screwdriver bit

  Features: Mainly in the shape of a cross and a plum screwdriver

  Scope of application: mainly used for screwing ordinary Phillips screws, pay attention to control the speed when screwing.

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