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We are a professional Deep Hole Drill Manufacturers, let's share the indexable insert drill with the blow

  Drilling is the most common operation in metal cutting, but it can also be the most difficult. A well-controlled cutting process and safe chip evacuation are indispensable conditions to prevent the drilling process from becoming a bottleneck. In the evolution of drilling, we are most excited about our latest innovation in hole forming technology - the new CoroDrill 880. The new drill is a new leap forward in drilling technology, and it is a strong demonstration that R&D can bring us impressive progress.

  Indexable insert technology is developing rapidly. Although the tool material appears to be the same for the coated carbide cutting edge, the material composition and manufacturing process are much more advanced, and the geometry of the insert has undergone significant changes, becoming closer to being part of the drill bit itself. The newly developed new indexable inserts have 4 complete cutting edges to ensure that the drilling process is carried out to the end. All 4 cutting edges are level and consistent, no single edge will be exposed too much on a corner to cause uneven wear and further cause premature wear and scrap of the entire cutting edge, and this is an indexable insert drill. often happens. Progressive technology ensures that all corners are covered throughout the cutting process.

  The geometries are optimized for two different insert positions on the drill: one is the center insert, which has a cutting speed close to zero near the center, and the other is the peripheral insert, which has higher cutting speeds and feeds than before, Due to the different characteristics of each insert, the location of these inserts within the drill is clearly marked. In addition, Wiper (wiper edge) technology is incorporated into the perimeter inserts to generate an excellent surface quality. As mentioned above, these scientific efforts have greatly improved the performance of indexable drills, resulting in smoother and more precise drilling surfaces. It is no longer just a roughing tool (as the indexable insert drill used to give); it has developed into a finishing tool for a wide variety of hole patterns and all types of materials. Performance improvements in productivity can be as high as 40-100%, depending on whether the material being drilled is a demanding long-chipping material such as certain stainless steels or steel and cast iron.

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