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Introduction to the content of the shovel drill

The spade drill shank is made of high-quality heat-resistant alloy steel material, and has excellent comprehensive mechanical properties: hardness, strength, toughness and ability to withstand alternating loads and impact have been greatly improved.

In order to ensure the perfect fit strength and large torque transmission, it fully absorbs the meticulous manufacturing process of the current tool and drill pipe, and fully guarantees the coincidence of the design basis and the machining basis. The insert has high installation and positioning accuracy and a large contact area, which can reach more than 95%, enabling safe and stable cutting with large feed and high speed.

The surface of the drill pipe is nitrided, which not only improves durability but also has visual aesthetics.

There are two types of chip removal methods, spiral groove and straight groove. Customers can choose the best one according to their own conditions. The connection between the cutter body and the machine tool has also fully taken into account the characteristics of convenience, speed, reliability, and high matching accuracy. Both the side-mounted shank and the standard Morse shank have been standardized. The high-pressure inner cooling hole is the standard configuration of each drill bit. In order to adapt to the drilling processing of various machine tools, the adapter handle and the external rotation inner cooling ring accessories are specially designed, which greatly improves the cooling environment of the tool system, and provides a good solution for chip removal and extension of the tool. Longevity and give full play to the performance of the machine tool have laid a solid foundation. The processing depth includes general, extended, special and extra-long, and it can also be customized.

The blade is made of powder high-speed steel containing cobalt high-speed steel and cemented carbide with various coatings with excellent performance. It can process low-carbon steel, medium-carbon steel, stainless steel alloy steel, hardened steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals. The cutting speed of steel-coated inserts can reach 40M/min, and the carbide coating is 80M/min. The feed F value has a large adjustment range, which can effectively achieve chip breaking. The diameter and size range is 9.5-114MM, with complete specifications and sufficient inventory.

Spade drilling is the preferred choice for general hole and deep hole machining.

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