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U-drilling skills on CNC machine tools

(1) The rigidity of the machine tool and the alignment between the tool and the workpiece are required to be high when the U-drill is used, so the U-drill is suitable for use on high-power, high-rigidity, and high-speed CNC machine tools.

(2) When using a U drill, the central blade should be a blade with good toughness, and the peripheral blade should be a relatively sharp blade.

(3) When machining different materials, inserts with different geometries should be used. In general, when the feed is small, the tolerance is small, and the length-diameter ratio of the U drill is large, the inserts with small cutting force should be used. If the aspect ratio of the U drill is large and the aspect ratio of the U drill is small, the grooved insert with a large cutting force is selected.

(4) When using the U-drill, the spindle power of the machine tool, the clamping stability of the U-drill, the pressure and flow of the cutting fluid must be considered, and the chip removal effect of the U-drill should be well controlled, otherwise it will be greatly damaged.It affects the surface roughness and dimensional accuracy of the hole to a certain extent.

(5) When clamping the U-drill, be sure to make the center of the U-drill coincide with the center of the workpiece and be perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece.

(6) When using a U drill, select appropriate cutting parameters according to different parts materials.

(7) During the test cutting of the U drill, be careful not to reduce the feed rate or reduce the speed at will, so that the U drill blade is damaged or the U drill is damaged.

(8) When the U drill is used, when the blade is worn or damaged, the cause should be carefully analyzed, and the blade with better toughness or wear-resistant should be replaced.

(9) When using a U drill to process stepped holes, be sure to start processing from large holes first, and then process small holes.

(10) When the U drill is used, pay attention to the sufficient pressure of the cutting fluid to flush out the chips.

(11) The inserts used on the center and edge of the U-drill are different, and must not be used incorrectly, otherwise the U-drill shank will be damaged.

(12) When drilling with a U drill, the workpiece rotation, tool rotation, and simultaneous rotation of the tool and the workpiece can be used, but when the tool moves in a linear feed mode, the most common method is to use the workpiece rotation method.

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