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What is a spade drill?

Woodworkers and craftsmen have plenty of options when it comes to drilling bits. Drills are used for wood and metal cutting, and there are several types of drills available. Auger bits and spade bits belong to the same category but have different characteristics.
Spade bits cost less and auger bits leave cleaner holes. There is at least one drill that can create virtually any type of hole in any type of material. However, having a lot of options creates more confusion when it comes to choosing the most straightforward part of the job. This is undoubtedly the case with auger and spade bits, each of which is built with a specific type of drilling in mind.
Spade or paddle bits are also known as wood bits. This is one of the most common types of drill bits used to drill holes in wood, plywood, and other materials. Spade bits are flat with a sharp center point and two lips and spurs that can cut and drill through all types of wood. Use a spade drill to drill vertical holes because the spade drill spirals in the wood instead of drilling through the material.
Its shape is somewhat unique due to its square flat head. The head is typically sized such that any holes formed in it match the width of the head. Punching holes with these bits are also not too challenging because they have a wide point on the head.
In practice, spade bits tend to drill "rougher" holes than typical drill bits. This is usually because the flat sides on these shovel bits don't always dig the wood grain so cleanly. Drilling to shallow depths usually presents no problems. Spade bits are known to cause chipping if no precautions are taken when drilling through the workpiece.
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