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What is spade drill?

The spade drill is an improved tool based on the U drill. The wide range of equipment used (which can be used in radial drills, vertical drills, lying beds, machining centers and other equipment) does not require high rigidity of the equipment. The integral cutter head can be accurately centered, and the cutter head has chip grooves and chip breakers, which can process deep holes
Shovel drills are generally used for intermediate speed processing between U drill processing and ordinary drill processing. The general blade is high-speed steel, and the speed is generally below 1000 rpm. Compared with ordinary drills, there is no need for sharpening and the skill requirements of workers are lower.
The spade drill is composed of a steel blade and a blade with an interchangeable head. The handle of the shank has two structures: side-fixed handle and Morse handle. Side-fixed shank toolholders are often used in CNC lathes, machining centers, CNC machine tools, etc. Morse shanks are used in traditional equipment such as vertical drills, radial drills, and general vehicles. By simply installing a set of cooling ring device, it is possible to switch from external cooling to internal cooling. The cooling water enters the tool bar through the cooling ring, and is directly cooled to the blade part through the internal cooling hole. And high-pressure cooling water is more helpful for chip removal.
The chip removal form of the tool bar has two types: straight flute and spiral flute. When the rotating tool of the workpiece is stationary, the straight groove is more conducive to chip removal, such as lathe machining. When the tool is rotating at a high speed and the workpiece is stationary, the spiral chip flute is often selected, such as CNC machine tools, radial drills and so on. According to the length-to-diameter ratio (that is, the ratio of length to diameter) of the shank, it can be divided into 3D, 5D, 7D, 9D or even higher.
The blades of the spade drill are divided into two types: cemented carbide blades and high-speed steel blades. The range of cemented carbide blades is from 9mm to 32mm. The range of high-speed steel blades is from 9mm-68mm, and some non-standard blades can even be made larger. High-speed steel blades are generally M42 cobalt-containing high-speed steel with 8% cobalt, which has good wear resistance and toughness.
The shovel drill blade is positioned by the groove, and the two screw holes are fixed positively and negatively, which can ensure that the symmetry of the blade is between 0.01-0.02mm. According to the size of the blade, there are generally 2-6 chip breakers. According to different cutting materials, the tip of the blade is X-shaped or S-shaped.
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